Drop-in classes



Taking obedience classes is a wonderful way to help socialize your dog, you can also learn by watching other students train their dogs.  Classes offer distractions and challenges you and your dog will learn from.

K9 Advantage specializes in Drop-In Classes:

Drop-In Classes allow you to train your dog around your schedule and budget.  You are not locked in to a 6 or 8 week commitment, you can come to class when you like, as often as you like.

The price is only $10.00 each class and if you are not 100% satisfied pay nothing at all.  In class, you will learn how to train your dog and how to stop unwanted behavior.  Your dog will learn to Sit, Down, Heel, Recall and Release all on and off leash.  You'll also learn how to fix many other problems you may be having with your dog, like: barking, destructive chewing, house training, jumping and much more.

ONLY $10 a class

Classes are on the 1st, 3rd & 4th Saturday of the month 9am to 10am.

Location: 4715 N Stockton Hill Rd Kingman, AZ.


  1. Please bring proof of vaccinations to the first class.

2. Classes start promptly, so please be on time.

3. Comfortable clothing and rubber soled shoes are recommended.

4. Only a buckle style or chain collar and a 6-foot nylon or leather leash will be used in class. 

5. Dogs will always be kept on leash unless otherwise directed by your instructor.

6. Please don't allow dogs to meet in class until the instructor gives permission.

7. Each handler is responsible for his dog’s conduct in the training area.  Do not let your dog sniff other dogs. Growling and snapping will not be tolerated.

8. The instructor reserves the right to expel dogs who show aggression towards people or other dogs.

9. If your dog is sick, please do not bring them to class. If you have a question about what is allowed in class, please contact the instructor.

10. Please clean up after your dog.

11. Do not feed your dog just before you come to class. It is best to feed him after class. 

12. Young children must be supervised by an additional adult, so the primary handler of the dog can devote their full attention to class.

13. If any questions arise during the week, call your instructor. We do not want you to practice an exercise wrong for a whole week.

Class Testimonial

Even neighbor's noticed the dog's better behavior

 I brought my granddaughter and her dog, Alex, to a drop in class. After just one lesson we saw such improvement in Alex's behavior. Even neighbor's noticed the dog's better behavior as he was taken for walks around the neighborhood. It is so nice to have a dog that is pleasant to be around as opposed to an out of control dog. We look forward to bringing Alex back to another lesson and learning more. I would highly recommend K9 Advantage dog classes and Roy as the Instructor. He knows what he is doing and the dogs respond to it.