New puppy/dog shopping list

Quality puppy/dog food


 Puppy or adult dog food – For a puppy remember she is in the developmental stage of life and will do much better on a good healthy food. Try to stay away from food that uses corn as its main filler. Check out this link to help find a good dog food.

Food bowl


Two Bowls, one for food and one for water, stainless steel is best, it’s easy to keep clean and sterile and it will last for a long time.  

Collar and Leash



A leash, 6 foot is best and will be a good length to train with.

A collar, nylon or leather for your puppy, if you can it should be a buckle style not a quick release type and one that fits snugly around your dog's neck. You can use a chain collar on your older dog if needed for training. 

Chew toys


A couple of chew toys.  Kong toys and nylabones are the best, stay away from rawhide it’s not good for your dog.




 Creates are a useful tool to control: House soiling and Destructive behavior. 

The create is also great for helping your dog to feel Secure and learning to be Calm.

ID Tag


An ID tag with dog’s name and phone number.

Nail Clippers


It's a good idea to start clipping you dogs nails early. Be sure to get  Styptic powder to stop bleeding in case you trim the nail too close. Check out this website to get more info on trimming your dogs nails.



 A Slicker Brush is a pet grooming tool used on dogs, with the primary purpose of getting rid of any debris and loose hair. It is typically rectangular in shape and has fine wire bristles, packed tightly together. Each wire bristle is angled slightly as to not scratch the skin. Other than for removing dirt and hair, this brush is ideal for keeping your animal’s coat in good condition, with the bristles distributing oil through the fur. 

Exercise pens


 Exercise pens for dogs can be very useful if you have small dogs that need to be contained for short periods of time .  Exercise pens provide plenty of room for the new puppy or new dog to move around, yet it  keeps them where they can’t do any harm to the rest of your home. Exercise pens are a great way to protect your belongings and your dogs too. 

Dog Door


Installing a dog door can possibly be the best investment you make for keeping  behavior problems from happening. Check out this website for more info on dog doors. 

Pet containment system


Your dog will stay in your yard without a fence, or you can keep him out of areas you don't want him in, like the garden area. Pet containment systems work well with dog that have learned to get out or over a wall or fence as well. We install Pet containment systems and do the training.

Dog Run


A dog run in your backyard can save you a lot of headaches and provide a safe place for your dog.  Dog runs are available in a size that will suit your needs.