Private Sessions


Customized Training for You & Your Dog


One-on-one training with or without you present.  You may choose to have the training done by the instructor or learn how to train your dog yourself.  Training by the instructor is usually faster and less confusing for your dog.  Training with you present will ensure you have the necessary skills to train your own dog and to handle future training/problems.

You choose where you would like the training to be done.

In home private sessions are perfect for dogs that have a tough time traveling or are under socialized.

At my office.

In a public location.

I encourage the whole family to be part of the training.

Private Sessions & Classes in Kingman

Private Sessions in Lake Havasu City, Bullhead City

Fort Mohave, Mohave Valley, Golden Shores, Laughlin, Topock,

and all the Las Vegas area

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COST per session is only:

At my office $55 - $95

At your home $75 - $115

Private Training

Puppy Guidance

Basic Obedience

Basic Obedience


 Start training your puppy as soon as you bring him/her home. This program is for puppies under 6 months old. Early training will help prevent problems, as well as, instill a desire for further training. 

Your puppy will learn puppy style obedience:



Heel (walking on a loose leash)

Recall & Wait. 

Also how to prevent/stop unwanted behavior like: biting, going potty in the house, destructive chewing, barking and much more.  DON'T WAIT!  CALL NOW! 

Basic Obedience

Basic Obedience

Basic Obedience


  For dogs 6 months and older. If your dog has not had any formal obedience, this training will get your dog started on learning the basics:






Wait at doors and gates.

Getting in and out of vehicles.


Solving common behavior issues 

All training is on leash.

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Intermediate Obedience

Intermediate Obedience

Intermediate Obedience


Includes the following off leash commands:

Sit off leash up to 30 feet.

Down off leash up to 30 feet.

Heel off leash.

Recall from 30 feet.

Automatic sit.

Level 1 distraction proofing.

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Behavior Modification

Intermediate Obedience

Intermediate Obedience


  Some dogs just seem to get into more trouble then others. If you have such a dog, this program can help get rid of behavior problems such as; house soiling, chewing, digging, barking, running away, and people or animal aggression.